Instructions for Letters of Recommendation

To be accepted as a candidate for certification, each applicant must submit two letters of recommendation from a supervisor, one of which must be from a SWAT supervisor or commander of your department in accordance with this format:

Subject line: (name of candidate)
Date: Date of Submission

To: Chairman, CATO Board of Certification

  1. What is your connection to the candidate and your personal role with the department’s tactical team?

  2. Is the candidate currently an active member of your department’s tactical team? If so, what is their role(s) within the team? If not, do you believe they will be able to meet the minimum qualifications?

  3. Please be specific and comment on the following attributes of the candidate as it relates to their tactical role: Physical fitness, Attitude, Initiative, and Contribution to the team.

  4. Are you aware of any factors or proclivities, including moral or ethical, that may cause you to have reservations or a reluctance to enthusiastically recommend this candidate for certification as a SWAT Operator? This question requires only a “yes” or “no” answer. You need not elaborate.

  5. Summary of why you are recommending this candidate.

Contact info: (phone#, e-mail)